Friday, 21 October 2011

TOPIC: Learning about living things

Lesson 1: Animals

Part 1: Basic needs
Living organism have basic needs to live and grow. Basic requirement for animal to live are:
  1. Air
  2. Water 
  3. Food 

What kind of foods animals eat?

  • plants (example: grasses, trees, fruits, seeds, leaves, etc)


Image courtesy of Kew: Royal Botanic garden

  • other animals (examples: chickens, antelopes, birds, etc) 

Image courtesy of animals photo
Different types of animals:
  • Carnivore: only eat other animals (for example: tigers, cheetahs, crocodiles, lions, eagles, frogs, toads, snakes, pelicans, owls, monitor lizards, etc)
A video of cheetah hunting and eating steenbok



Image courtesy of animals photo

A video of tiger eating meat
  • Herbivore: only eat plants such as: sheep, cows, horses, deer, antelopes, zebra, buffaloes, beavers, giraffes, goats, gorillas, hippopotamus, etc)  




Omnivore: eat both other animals and plants such as: pigs, bears, badgers, bears (except pandas and polars), hedgehog, raven, chicken, mice, rats, raccoon, chipmunks, sloths, skunks, cassowaries, opossums, chimpanzees, baboon, squirrels, etc)




Source of Image: animals photo


1.   List 5 other animals that belong to these categories:
  • Carnivore
  • Omnivore
  • Herbivore

    Part 2: Animals grow
    All living things begin life and grow into adulthood. They grow, reproduce and die. In animal kingdom, during this cycle of life, animal:
    1. grow in size and weight
    2. change as they grow
    3. have different name when they were young/babies and when they are adult.
    Look at the picture below to see the size, weight, and other changes to the animals. Also noted their different names if they were babies, males, females and adult.

    Chicks: a young chickens 

    Hen: an adult female chickens 

    Cow: an adult female cow

    Calf: A young cow 
    image from here 
    Bitch: A female dog 

    Puppy: a young dog 

    Ewe: an adult female sheep 

    Ram: an adult male sheep

      1. What are these animals are called ?
      • An adult male cow 
      • A young male horse 
      • A young/baby cat 
      • A young pig
      • A female donkey
      • A young tiger
      • A female lion
      • A young goose
      • A male ducks
      • A female swans


      Learn more about these living things at :
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